Commit d76eafda authored by Didier Liroulet's avatar Didier Liroulet
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Fix incorrect format specifier for logger in Wmi.cpp, causing /DEBUG=2 to fail.

By Jacek Kowalski
parent f208341c
......@@ -1126,7 +1126,7 @@ BOOL CWmi::GetMonitors(CMonitorList *pMyList)
csBuffer = m_dllWMI.GetClassObjectStringValue( _T( "MonitorType"));
myObject.SetType( csBuffer);
pMyList->AddTail( myObject);
AddLog( _T( "\t\t<Manufacturer: %s><Caption: %s><Description: %s><Name: %s><Type: %s>\n"),
AddLog( _T( "\t\t<Manufacturer: %s><Caption: %s><Description: %s><Type: %s>\n"),
myObject.GetManufacturer(), myObject.GetCaption(), myObject.GetDescription(),
uIndex ++;
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