Commit 76360d53 authored by Antoine Mottier's avatar Antoine Mottier
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Restore suggestion to delete orphan from GitLab

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......@@ -388,7 +388,7 @@ def prepare_repos(doGetSize=False, **itemSettings):
if _reposNotInGH:
"Some of the GitLab repos doesn't exist or have special"
"status in GitHub org (archive, fork). See orphan log.")
"status in GitHub org (archive, fork). See orphan log.\n You might want to delete them from GitLab")
_pApiUrls = {p['path_with_namespace']: '{}/projects/{}'.format(config.globalCfg['gitlabApiUrl'], p['id']) for p in cacheGroup['projects']
for orphan in _reposNotInGH if orphan == p['name']}
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