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Simplify rules for maven versions plugin

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......@@ -3,15 +3,9 @@
xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""
<!-- Ignore Alpha's, Beta's, release candidates and milestones -->
<ignoreVersion type="regex">(?i).*Alpha(?:-?\d+)?</ignoreVersion>
<!--<ignoreVersion type="regex">(?i).*a(?:-?\d+)?</ignoreVersion>-->
<ignoreVersion type="regex">(?i).*Beta(?:-?\d+)?</ignoreVersion>
<!--<ignoreVersion type="regex">(?i).*-B(?:-?\d+)?</ignoreVersion>-->
<ignoreVersion type="regex">(?i).*RC(?:-?\d+)?</ignoreVersion>
<ignoreVersion type="regex">(?i).*CR(?:-?\d+)?</ignoreVersion>
<!-- Ignore Alpha's, Beta's, release candidates -->
<ignoreVersion type="regex">.*[-_\.](alpha|Alpha|ALPHA|b|beta|Beta|BETA|rc|RC|EA)[-_\.]?[0-9]*</ignoreVersion>
<!-- Not ignoring M (milestone) releases are they are used for "stable" Maven plugin releases -->
<!--<ignoreVersion type="regex">(?i).*M(?:-?\d+)?</ignoreVersion>-->
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