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Check the data is inserted, when no error occurs: using the webapp and/or the mysql shell.
### Add script to crontab (automation)
The script is intended to be run daily (at most), as data have a daily timestamp formatted as dd-MM-yyyy .
The date is included in the primary key, so if the script runs twice the same day, only the 1st data set will be included in the database (unless you delete it manually from MySQL).
To add it in the crontab:
- Make sure is executable, and has MRL_ROOT set to an absolute path (so the cron will find commands).
- Edit the crontab to insert the script, for example using "crontab -e" (for user crontab) or editing /etc/crontab (system-wide).
Note: the following pattern would run the script every day a 4:30 AM:
30 4 * * * /path/to/mrl/ >> /tmp/mrl_collect.log
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