Commit 3e95e178 authored by Shirley Crompton's avatar Shirley Crompton
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Quorum patch - need to bypass the ifMetricVariableExist in CP check.

parent d7607b7e
......@@ -283,6 +283,11 @@ public class Orchestrator {
for(String metricId : this.metricMap.keySet()){
//log.debug("... just before !CpModelTool.metricExists...");
//must keep the connection open to use CP
//24Nov2016 Quorum fix
if(metricId.contains("CapacityMetric")){"skipping check for Quorum");
if(!CpModelTool.metricExists(metricId, cp)){ + " not in CP model, removing it ....");
this.metricMap.remove(metricId); //remove it
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