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Merge pull request #26492 from khouloudbelguith/fix-26491

Fix the display of the State field and the Zip/Postal in the add new Tax rule page
parents 8d63d3a3 32023ab8
......@@ -26,9 +26,9 @@
{block name="label"}
{if $input.name == 'zipcode' && isset($input.label)}
<label id="zipcode-label" class="control-label col-lg-3">{$input.label}</label>
<label id="zipcode-label" class="control-label col-lg-4">{$input.label}</label>
{elseif $input.name == 'states[]'}
<label id="states-label" class="control-label col-lg-3">{$input.label}</label>
<label id="states-label" class="control-label col-lg-4">{$input.label}</label>
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