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      Update tree.js · 5814396d
      crezzur authored
      The error is showing instantly when you click on the expand all button. The reason it is displayed in the Add shop treeview page only is because this treeview has the search option activated.
      The error is caused by the function call organizeTree(); (tree.js line 218).
      Looking into this function it looks like its a dead part of code.
      inside the function organizeTree() a call to the function getCategoryById() is made. Looking into the function getCategoryById() the HTML attribute name="id_parent" is searched.
      Searching into the whole folder STORE\BACKFOFFICE\themes\default\ and more specific STORE\BACKFOFFICE\themes\default\template\helpers\tree\ for the HTML attribute name="id_parent" returns negative.
      concluding this i am guessing the functions organizeTree() and getCategoryById() are leftovers from something what is already removed.
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      Merge pull request #24088 from atomiix/fix/22948 · 02a11d77
      Progi1984 authored
      Fix Gift + discount cartRule calculation in cart summary
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      Update tree.js · 7970c928
      crezzur authored
      Optimization of expandAll function added Jquery selector $('#'+idTree) into targetTree variable since the Jquery selector is used on 7 locations, requested by @sowbiba
  5. 24 Apr, 2021 1 commit
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      Update tree.js · 8aef3f91
      crezzur authored
      Error pointed out by @khouloudbelguith, 
      Expand all button will fire error cannot find id of tree which needs to expand. Error can be found on line 219 of the expandAll function
      Error line: $(this).$element.find("label.tree-toggler").each(
      Since we already know the tree id from the click we can us the idTree parameter. 
      Resolve error: $('#' + idTree).find("label.tree-toggler").each(
      The line "$(this).$element" is not needed since we can use the Jquery solution to find by element ID instead of the this function. In this case we use  "$('#' + idTree)" which prevents any errors in the future.
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