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......@@ -458,6 +458,37 @@ This service deploys through <<_main_principles_of_psa,ProActive Service Automa
NOTE: More details about the variable description can be found https://hub.docker.com/r/datagrip/greenplum[here^].
=== SSH
This service deploys the https://github.com/butlerx/wetty[WeTTy software^] through ProActive Service Automation (PSA) portal. It allows the users to open an SSH terminal in their Web browsers.
The service requires the following variables as input:
.SSH PSA service variables
| *Variable name* | *Description* | *Required?* | *Type* | *Default/Examples*
| Service instance name
| Yes
| String
| `ssh-terminal-1`
| SSH target host, among the list of hosts managed by ProActive Resource Manager
| Yes
| String
| `try.activeeon.com`
| Port used by SSH in the TARGET_HOST
| Yes
| Integer
| `22`
| Whether the service is accessed via ProActive proxy (for restricted access control).
| Yes
| Boolean
| `True`
=== Storm
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