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DOC-203: The documentation should mention job classpath

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......@@ -332,6 +332,27 @@ Before running your jobs you should first *upload* your files into either Global
these spaces by one of the standard protocols like *FTP*, *NFS*, or use available web interfaces like[Pydio/AjaXplorer^].
=== Adding classpath
If your tasks requires additional classpath the job definition accepts paths to jars or class directories located in the *User Space* or *Global Space*. All classes in this paths can be loaded by tasks contained in the job.
[source, xml]
<pathElement path="$USERSPACE/path/to/my/classes/" />
<pathElement path="$USERSPACE/path/to/my/jarfile.jar" />
<pathElement path="$GLOBALSPACE/mylib.jar" />
The jobClasspath mechanism relies on the file transfer. The size of the jobClasspath files therefore has an impact on
== Workflow concepts
Workflows comes with constructs that help you distribute your computation. The tutorial
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