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......@@ -1753,13 +1753,14 @@ Notifications will only be sent for jobs whose generic information (workflow lev
To enable this functionality, the configuration need to be done following the steps introduced in
link:../admin/ProActiveAdminGuide.html#_get_notifications[Get Notification on Job Events Configuration].
=== Chaining Jobs
=== Chaining Workflows: Submit a Workflow from another Workflow
In *ProActive Studio*, the `SubmitJobNoWait` and `SubmitJobAndWait` templates under the *Controls* menu allow you to submit a workflow from another workflow using the <<_scheduler_api,*schedulerapi*>> binding.
These templates accept the single parameter:
* `called_workflow`: a <<_proactive_catalog_object_storage_and_versioning,ProActive Catalog>> path referencing the workflow to submit (e.g. _basic-examples/Native_Task_)
* `called_workflow`: a <<_proactive_catalog_object_storage_and_versioning,ProActive Catalog>> path where the syntax is checked by the *PA:CATALOG_OBJECT* model.
The path must be a valid expression that matches the following pattern: `bucketName/workflowName[/revision]` referencing the workflow to submit from the Catalog (e.g. _basic-examples/Native_Task_)
By default, these templates do not pass any parameter to the submitted workflow (using only default values provided by the workflow).
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