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Add custom logo config doc (#768)

* Add custom logo config doc

* Update ProActiveAdminGuide.adoc

(cherry picked from commit 8d40b2da)
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......@@ -889,6 +889,10 @@ ENC(xtlMWGd0ZK/EzTMyrgPiPw==)
The encrypted value can then be used as displayed by the `encrypt` command, for example, in *PROACTIVE_HOME/config/scheduler/*:
=== Custom logo configuration
To be able to edit the default logo displayed in ProActive portals, you have to replace the following file `PROACTIVE_HOME/dist/war/getstarted/assets/image/custom-logo.png` with your custom logo.
== User Authentication
In order to use ProActive Scheduler every user must have an account. It supports three methods for authentication:
......@@ -3392,4 +3396,4 @@ include::../CLI.adoc[]
=== Cloud Node Source Infrastructure Startup Script
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