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Add doc for PA:CATALOG_OBJECT variable params: kind and contentType filters (#782)

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......@@ -145,9 +145,12 @@ Examples: PA:MODEL_FROM_URL(file:///srv/machines_list_model.txt), if the file ma
* *PA:CRON* : variable syntax must be a valid cron expression as defined in the http://www.sauronsoftware.it/projects/cron4j/manual.php#p02[cron4j manual]. +
Examples: PA:CRON will accept "5 * * * \*" but not "* * * *" (missing minutes sub-pattern).
* *PA:SPEL(SpEL expression)* : variable syntax will be evaluated by a https://docs.spring.io/spring/docs/current/spring-framework-reference/html/expressions.html[SpEL] expression. Refer to next paragraph.
* *PA:CATALOG_OBJECT* : variable syntax must be a valid expression that matches the following pattern: `bucketName/objectName[/revision]`.
* *PA:CATALOG_OBJECT*, *PA:CATALOG_OBJECT(kind)*, *PA:CATALOG_OBJECT(,contentType)*, *PA:CATALOG_OBJECT(kind,contentType)* : variable syntax must be a valid expression that matches the following pattern: `bucketName/objectName[/revision]`.
Note that the revision sub-pattern is a hash code number represented by 13 digit. +
A filter can be specified in the PA:CATALOG_OBJECT model. In that case, the variable value must be a catalog object which matches the kind and content type requirements (case insensitive).
The scheduler server verifies that the object exists in the catalog and fulfills the requirements when the workflow is submitted. +
Examples: PA:CATALOG_OBJECT will accept "bucket-example/object-example/1539310165443" and "bucket-example/object-example" but not "bucket-example/object-example/153931016" (invalid revision number) and "bucket-example/" (missing object name).
PA:CATALOG_OBJECT(Script,text/x-python) will only accept a catalog object which is a Python script but not a workflow object or a Groovy script.
* *PA:JSON* : variable syntax must be a valid JSON expression as defined in http://www.json.org/[JSON doc]. +
Examples: PA:JSON will accept {"name": "John", "city":"New York"} and empty values like {} or [{},{}], but not ["test" : 123] (Unexpected character ':') and {test : 123} (Unexpected character 't').
* *PA:NOT_EMPTY_STRING* : variable must be provided with a non-empty string value.
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