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Add api links to ProActive frontpage
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body {
padding-top: 72px;
padding-top: 30px;
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<div class="text-center">
<h1><img src="./assets/image/proactive-arrow-150.png">&nbsp;<b>ProActive Workflows &amp; Scheduling</b>
<h1><img src="./assets/image/proactive-arrow-150.png">&nbsp;<b>ProActive Workflows &amp; Scheduling</b></h1>
<section style="background-color: #FFFFFF;">
<div class="container py-5">
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<h4 class="mt-5"><font size="+2">APIs</font> (REST, GraphQL, Javadoc)</h4>
<a id="restUrlLink" href="/doc/rest/" target=”_blank”
title="Scheduler REST API Documentation">Scheduler REST API</a>,
<a id="restGraphQlLink" href="/scheduling-api/v1/graphiql" target=”_blank”
title="Scheduler GraphQL Portal (requires being logged into any ProActive portal before using it)">Scheduler GraphQL API</a>,
<a id="catalogUrlLink" href="catalog/swagger-ui.html" target=”_blank”
title="Catalog REST Swagger API">Catalog API</a>,
<a id="jobPlannerUrlLink" href="job-planner/swagger-ui.html" target=”_blank”
title="Job Planner REST Swagger API">Job Planner API</a>,
<a id="cloudAutomationUrlLink" href="cloud-automation-service/swagger-ui.html" target=”_blank”
title="Cloud Automation REST Swagger API">Cloud Automation API</a>,
<a id="cloudWatchUrlLink" href="proactive-cloud-watch/swagger-ui.html" target=”_blank”
title="Cloud Watch REST Swagger API">Cloud Watch API</a>,
<a id="notificationUrlLink" href="notification-service/swagger-ui.html" target=”_blank”
title="Notification REST Swagger API">Notification API</a>,
<a id="javadocUrlLink" href="/doc/javadoc" target=”_blank”
title="Scheduler Javadoc">Scheduler Javadoc</a>.
<h2 class="mt-5">Documentation, tutorials and videos ...</h2>
Read our documentation, also check our videos and tutorials that will guide you through the portals, features and more.
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