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Unverified Commit 6549b29f authored by Justine Rochas's avatar Justine Rochas Committed by GitHub
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Split node source creation in two steps (#3138)

* Separate createNodeSource into two steps

- deprecate createNodeSource (RMCore, RMRest, CLI)
- create defineNodeSource and deployNodeSource (RMCore, RMRest, CLI)
- policy and NodeSource are instantiated at node source definition but they are not active until the node source is deployed. The NodeSource has now a reference towards its active policy and a reference towards its non active policy
- initialize node source permissions when activity starts
- maintain list of defined and deployed node sources
- add node source defined event
- add attribute in RMNodeSourceEvent for the node source status
- delete test that no longer apply with the node source changes

* Adapt to recovery 

- lighten RMCore class by moving recovery logic
- fix nodes recovery and create two different lists for deployed and undeployed node sources

* Refactor node source parameters

- use Serializable type for node source parameters
- refactor parameter merging for the infrastructure and the policy
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