Commit 57b046dd authored by Remi Forax's avatar Remi Forax
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fix issues raised during review

parent 07fde51b
......@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ package org.objectweb.asm;
* xSTORE_n opcodes are therefore not defined in this interface. Likewise for LDC, automatically
* replaced by LDC_W or LDC2_W when necessary, WIDE, GOTO_W and JSR_W.
* @see <a href= "">JVMS 6</a>
* @see <a href="">JVMS 6</a>
* @author Eric Bruneton
* @author Eugene Kuleshov
......@@ -285,7 +285,7 @@ public class ClassReaderTest extends AsmTest implements Opcodes {
ClassVisitor classVisitor = new EmptyClassVisitor(apiParameter.value());
// jdk8.ArtificialStructures contains structures which require ASM5, but only inside the method
// code. Here we skip the code, so this class can be read with ASM4. Likewise for
// jdk11.AllInstructions and jdk11.LambdaCondy
// jdk11.AllInstructions and jdk11.LambdaCondy.
assertThat(() -> classReader.accept(classVisitor, ClassReader.SKIP_CODE))
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