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This project is part of [FIWARE]( More info on the [FIWARE catalogue](
This project provides the source of various FIWARE-specific documents and packaging related to AuthZForce Server. AuthZForce Server is FIWARE Authorization PDP GEri (Generic Enabler Reference Implementation):
- A technical description of the FIWARE Authorization PDP Generic Enabler (GE) that AuthZForce implements, i.e. WADL and XML schemas;
- Technical specifications of the FIWARE Authorization PDP Generic Enabler (GE)'s API that AuthZForce implements in various forms:
- WADL and XML schemas (the reference);
- Apiary blueprint (the HTML output is available in [Apiary style]( and [FIWARE style]( ).
- The source of the GEri's documentation: Installation and Administration guide, User and Programmer Guide, etc. The generated documentation is available for each AuthZForce Server release as standalone HTML/PDF from the [Server release page](, or online on [](;
- The source of the GEri's Docker image published in FIWARE Docker hub.
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