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handling other file formats

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......@@ -18,12 +18,20 @@ public class VERIPBSearchListener implements PBSearchListener<ISolverService> {
private StringBuilder conflict;
private StringBuilder reason;
private final String filename;
private String filename;
private int nConstraints;
private boolean foundContradiction;
public VERIPBSearchListener(String problemname) {
this.filename = problemname.replace(".opb", ".pbp");
int positionDot;
if (!(problemname.endsWith(".opb"))) {
positionDot = problemname.lastIndexOf('.');
this.filename = problemname.substring(0, positionDot);
} else {
this.filename = problemname;
assert this.filename.endsWith(".opb");
this.filename = this.filename.replace(".opb", ".pbp");
File f = new File(filename);
if (f.exists()) {
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