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* SAT4J: a SATisfiability library for Java Copyright (C) 2004, 2012 Artois University and CNRS
* All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials
* are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0
* which accompanies this distribution, and is available at
* Alternatively, the contents of this file may be used under the terms of
* either the GNU Lesser General Public License Version 2.1 or later (the
* "LGPL"), in which case the provisions of the LGPL are applicable instead
* of those above. If you wish to allow use of your version of this file only
* under the terms of the LGPL, and not to allow others to use your version of
* this file under the terms of the EPL, indicate your decision by deleting
* the provisions above and replace them with the notice and other provisions
* required by the LGPL. If you do not delete the provisions above, a recipient
* may use your version of this file under the terms of the EPL or the LGPL.
* Based on the original MiniSat specification from:
* An extensible SAT solver. Niklas Een and Niklas Sorensson. Proceedings of the
* Sixth International Conference on Theory and Applications of Satisfiability
* Testing, LNCS 2919, pp 502-518, 2003.
* See for the original solver in C++.
* Contributors:
* CRIL - initial API and implementation
package org.sat4j.maxsat;
import java.math.BigInteger;
......@@ -19,6 +48,14 @@ import org.sat4j.specs.IteratorInt;
import org.sat4j.specs.TimeoutException;
* Simple MAXHS like maxsat solver. The unsat core computation is performed by
* a SAT solver, and the minimal hitting set computation is handled by a PBO solver
* (unlike the original MAXSAT which relies on a MILP solver like CPLEX).
* @author leberre
* @since 2.3.6
public class MaxHSLikeSolver extends SolverDecorator<ISolver>
implements WeightedPartialMaxsat {
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