Release 2.3.6

Long awaited 2.3.6 release including all features developed during Romain Wallon's PhD thesis.

To benefit from the fastest PB solvers based on one cutting plane proof system, use one of:

  • CuttingPlanesPOS2020WL
  • PartialRoundingSatPOS2020WL
  • RoundingSatPOS2020WL


$ java -jar sat4j-pb.jar PartialRoundingSatPOS2020WL <file.opb>

Sat4j Pseudo Boolean solver still defaults to the resolution proof system since it remains globally the fastest option for a wide range of benchmarks.

To get the best of both world, you can run both a resolution based and a cutting planes based solver using the solver BothPOS2020WL:

$ java -jar sat4j-pb.jar BothPOS2020WL <file.opb>