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......@@ -7,4 +7,23 @@ This project shows how Joram could be enhanced thanks to STAMP project:
Each step above corresponds to a commit in this project, that also contains Descartes measures to show the progress at each step.
Details in the [project wiki](,-DSpot,-Botsing,-model-seeding)).
Details of STAMP experiments outputs and results in the [project wiki](,-DSpot,-Botsing,-model-seeding)).
To build the project (in joram/ sub-directory):
mvn clean install -DskipTests
The 1st build requires tests to be skipped, because generating a Joram distribution is necessary to run tests (many tests being integration tests).
Then, to run tests with STAMP amplification:
mvn test
and to run Descartes for mutation and line coverage measurements:
mvn eu.stamp-project:pitmp-maven-plugin:descartes
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