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See [CONTRIBUTING]( file to know how you can contribute to
Sympa Development
Here is the state of decision and consensus that was reached regarding development of Sympa 7.0
## Technology
We agreed on switching to the following main technologies:
- [Moo]( for object orientation management
- [DBIx::Class]( for database access and manipulation
- [Dancer 2]( for web server
## Coding style
[eiro]( wrote a reference module, called [Sympatic](, whose purpose is to:
* include all pre-requesite modules for a Sympa module. Therefore, the line `use Sympatic;` should be enough to include Moo and all required modules,
* serve as an example and documentation about the coding style.
This is still a proposal and the exact details should be accepted by the community.
## Running unit tests
Sympa has a very wide usage of autotools. Illustrating this point if the way you run unit tests.
If you want to run the whole unit tests, just go to the root sources directory and run:
make check-local
If you want to run a single unit test, let's say on `t/LockedFile.t` and `t/parse_templates.t`, run:
make check-local TEST_FILES='TEST_FILES='t/LockedFile.t t/parse_templates.t'
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