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# Change Log
## [6.2.37b.2]( (2018-11-XX)
[Full Changelog](
- Oracle Database: There is a change on usage of `db_host` parameter [\#431]( See "[Upgrading notes](" for details.
- WWSympa: Login form was refactored [\#424]( Some templates including `web_tt2/login.tt2` and `web_tt2/login_menu.tt2` were changed.
**Implemented enhancements:**
- Exim's bounce text changed - need to update [\#448](
- Make third person singular pronouns gender neutral [\#443]( ([ecawthon](
- Use tidyall to ease tidying files [\#440]( ([ldidry](
- Add support for TLSv1.3 [\#439]( ([ikedas](
- Oracle: Make `db_name` parameter allow net service name or connection identifier along with SID [\#431]( ([ikedas](
- Refactoring `` [\#394]( ([ikedas](
**Fixed bugs:**
- Sympa 6.2.36: Crash of web interface when editing list moderators \#456 [\#457]( ([ikedas](
- Database: `family_exclusion` field can break `not_null` constraint during upgrade [\#442](
- pod2man: unable to format `list_config.pod` [\#435](
- Base class package "Class::Singleton" is empty [\#434](
- Add support for TLSv1.3 [\#439]( ([ikedas](
- CSS cannot be updated if css.tt2 was older than previously generated CSS. [\#427]( ([ikedas](
- Refactoring and repairing login form [\#424]( ([ikedas](
**Closed issues:**
- The translation server is completely unreliable [\#449](
- Change of case in original strings in the translation site does not result in warnings for translated languages [\#374](
## [6.2.37b.1]( (2018-10-06)
[Full Changelog](
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