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# Change Log
## [6.2.38]( (2018-12-2X)
[Full Changelog](
**Changes** (since 6.2.36)**:**
- Tasks: Task files will be put in `tasks` subdirectory. Previously they were put in `global_task_models` or `list_task_models` subdirectory [\#394]( Older task files will be automatically copied to new places during upgrading process.
- Oracle Database: There is a change on usage of `db_host` parameter [\#431]( See "[Upgrading notes](" and [instruction]( for details.
- WWSympa: Login form was refactored [\#424]( Some templates including `web_tt2/login.tt2` and `web_tt2/login_menu.tt2` were changed.
- Now the lists with bounce addresses can not be created [\#455]( Addresses with local part "`bounce`" or prefix "`bounce+`" are used for bounce management and should not be used as list addresses.
**Implemented enhancements:**
- Feature request: add a "global" mail signature [\#301](
- Adding ARC support [\#153](
**Fixed bugs:**
- Long email addresses in system messages might be folded [\#502](
- Moderation process on the lists with obsoleted parameter `host` fails [\#277](
- File extension may contain spaces by using `gettext_strftime()` [\#506]( ([ikedas](
- WWSympa: Loading home page takes long time [\#504]( ([ikedas](
- WWSympa: Older CSS files would be cleared [\#498]( ([ikedas](
**Closed issues:**
- Bug in logic. Password is in md5 format, not rehashing [\#489](
**Merged pull requests:**
- Allow to use Gitlab CI [\#495]( ([ldidry](
## [6.2.37b.3]( (2018-12-08)
[Full Changelog](
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