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An omitted bug fix in

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......@@ -30,6 +30,7 @@ Because, e-mail addresses can contain slashes ("/") while web servers cannot han
- sympa\ crashed with an include\_users\_ldap\_2level [\#12](
- \[6.2\] Rewriting code on list configuration form [\#13]( ([ikedas](
- \[6.2\] New code for list config semantics [\#9]( ([ikedas](
- riseup fixes to templates [\#4]( ([taggart](
- Late changes on svn repo [\#2](
- \[bug\] wwsympa: Virtual robots in serveradmin/vhosts and rename_list_request pages were not shown correctly.
- \[bug\] If originator address in message contains upper-case letters, "tag this mail for deletion" in archive won't be shown. Fixed by correcting mhonarc-ressouorces.tt2. Rebuilding is needed to correct past archives.
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