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[-release] Preparing version 6.2.23b.1

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# Change Log
## [6.2.23b.1]( (2017-11-20)
[Full Changelog](
- "`%`" sign in SQL data source no longer need escaping by duplicating it, i.e. "`%%`". Administrators on the sites allowing SQL datasources are recommended to check datasource settings and modify them as necessity. [\#66](
- WWSympa: FastCGI support became mandatory. CGI mode was deprecated. [\#69](
- `` in source distribution was removed. Notable changes will no longer be noticed during building process. [\#73](
- `sympa.spec` and `META.json` will no longer be bundled in source distribution. [\#77](
- Bundled jQuery libraries were upgraded to jquery 3.2.1, jquery-migrate 3.0.1 and jquery-ui 1.12.1 to avoid XSS vulnerability. [\#78](
- Now `topics.conf` treats topic names ignoring cases. Previously names including uppercase letters were ignored. [\#91](
- `` was obsoleted. Alias files will be updated by internal module directly. Though `` is still available for backward compatibility, it will be removed in the future. [\#118](
- Several typos and bad wordings in English translation catalog were corrected. Some phrases in default templates, scenarios and tasks were changed. \[[1e2e094](\]
**Implemented enhancements:**
- Refactoring alias manager: Obsolete alias\ [\#118]( ([ikedas](
- Suppress saving stats file, and solve problem about on-memory cache [\#105]( ([ikedas](
- Cache list info in Sympa::Scenario::verify to reduce overhead of pinfo… [\#97]( ([mpkut](
- Feature: add scenari to restrict message submission to list owners [\#96]( ([mpkut](
- Add use\_tls, ssl, version etc to valid LDAP options in [\#95]( ([mpkut](
- When fallback language "en" is used, use "en\_US" translation catalog [\#84]( ([ikedas](
- Refactoring requests more [\#81]( ([ikedas](
**Fixed bugs:**
- Archived-At: field on resent messages in archive are wrong. [\#111](
- Review.tt2 button correction. [\#98](
- Change redirect after incorrect choosepasswd - UX suggestion [\#93](
- Topic names in topics.conf with uppercase are ignored [\#91](
- Fix ridiculous English spelling for spam protection button [\#80](
- Change Redirect After List Admin Updates a User's Email - UX Suggestion [\#76](
- important\ is broken [\#73](
- Log list not sorted for date [\#70](
- include\_ldap\_query and include\_ldap\_2level\_query behaving differently [\#63](
- Responsive table breaks form submission [\#61](
- Changes on POD format for transition to Markdown [\#123]( ([ikedas](
- Insignificant bugs related to cache [\#120]( ([ikedas](
- Refactoring alias manager: Obsolete alias\ [\#118]( ([ikedas](
- Refactoring requests 5 [\#109]( ([ikedas](
- Suppress saving stats file, and solve problem about on-memory cache [\#105]( ([ikedas](
- Old variable names used in listmaster error mail [\#104]( ([sivertkh](
- Fix CSS attributes for un-hovered navigation menu items using color\_5 [\#94]( ([mpkut](
- Bugs on subscribe request with custom attributes and/or authorization [\#89]( ([ikedas](
- Refactoring requests more [\#81]( ([ikedas](
- "%" sign in SQL data source would be escaped [\#66]( ([ikedas](
## [6.2.22]( (2017-10-01)
[Full Changelog](
......@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@
# along with this program. If not, see <>.
AC_INIT(sympa, 6.2.22,
AC_INIT(sympa, 6.2.23b.1,
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE([foreign -Wall -Werror 1.9 tar-pax])
m4_ifdef([AM_SILENT_RULES], [AM_SILENT_RULES([yes])])
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