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Hey, developers!   Stop writing repetitive code, let Telosys do it for you!

# Telosys CLI (Command Line Interface )

[![License: LGPL v3](](

Telosys CLI allows to use all the features of the Telosys Core generator with a simple command line tool.

## Links

- [Telosys homepage](
- [Telosys-CLI homepage](
- [Forum](
- [Blog](

## Features
- Telosys project initialization
- Models and templates management 
- Code generation
- Batch mode ( with "-i commands-file.txt" ) 

## License

Telosys-CLI is available under the *GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0*. 

Please see [GNU LGPL v3]( for more information.

## Support the project

:blue_heart: Like Telosys? Please consider supporting the project : 
- :star: Add GitHub star on this page
- :coffee: Buy a coffe with "Ko-fi" : [](
- :coffee: Buy a coffe with "Buy me a coffee" : [](
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