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Add CrowdSec bouncer doc

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`CrowdSec <>`__ is a free and open-source security
automation tool leveraging local IP behavior detection and a
community-powered IP reputation system.
LL::NG provides a **CrowdSec** bouncer that can reject Crowdsec banned-IP
requests or just provide an environment variable that can be used in
another plugin rule. For example, a second factor may be required if user's
IP is CrowdSec bans it.
To configure bouncer plugin, go in ``General Parameters`` > ``Plugins`` >
You can then configure:
- **Activation**: enable this plugin *(default: disabled)*
- **Action**: reject **or** warn and set ``$env->{CROWDSEC_REJECT} = 1``
- **Base URL of local API**: base URL of CrowdSec local API
*(default: http://localhost:8080)*
- **API key**: API key, usually given by ``cscli bouncers add mylemon``
......@@ -11,6 +11,7 @@ Plugins
......@@ -276,6 +276,7 @@ Name Description
:doc:`Check user<checkuser>` [6]_ |new| Check access rights, transmitted headers and session attibutes for a specific user and URL
:doc:`Configuration viewer<viewer>` |new| Edit WebSSO configuration in Read Only mode
:doc:`Context switching<contextswitching>` [7]_\ |new| Switch context other users
:doc:`CrowdSec<crowdsec>` [16]_\ |new| CrowdSec bouncer
:doc:`Custom<plugincustom>` Write a custom plugin
:doc:`Decrypt value<decryptvalue>` [8]_\ |image35| Decrypt ciphered values
:doc:`Display login history<loginhistory>` Display Success/Fails logins
......@@ -608,6 +609,9 @@ by your language code):
.. [15]
:doc:`OAuth2 Handler<oauth2handler>` is available with LLNG ≥ 2.0.4
.. [16]
:doc:`CrowdSec bouncer <crowdsec>` is available with LLNG ≥ 2.0.12
.. |image0| image:: /icons/kthememgr.png
.. |image1| image:: /icons/warehause.png
.. |image3| image:: /icons/clean.png
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