Commit 638dca4f authored by Lukas Rytz's avatar Lukas Rytz Committed by Jason Zaugg
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Allow setting stack values in analysis frames

Adds a method `setStack` to analysis.Frame which allows setting the
dataflow value of a stack slot.

Could be used in nullness analysis. After, for example, an instance call,
aliases of the receiver can be set to NotNull, both in locals and on the
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......@@ -178,6 +178,17 @@ public class Frame<V extends Value> {
return values[nLocals + index];
* Sets the value of the given stack slot.
* @param index the index of an operand stack slot.
* @param value the new value of the stack slot.
* @throws IndexOutOfBoundsException if the stack slot does not exist.
public void setStack(final int index, final V value) throws IndexOutOfBoundsException {
values[index + nLocals] = value;
/** Clears the operand stack of this frame. */
public void clearStack() {
nStack = 0;
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