Commit e4593988 authored by Yann Mombrun's avatar Yann Mombrun

Cleanup some paths in default configuration

parent 1eb09478
......@@ -196,13 +196,14 @@
<property name="binDirectory" value="${weblab.home}${activemq.path}/bin" />
<property name="port" value="${activemq.main.port}" />
<property name="host" value="${}" />
<property name="dataDir" value="${}activemq" />
<property name="env">
<bean class="org.ow2.weblab.bundle.utils.ProcessUtils.Env">
<entry key="ACTIVEMQ_OPTS" value="${activemq.opts}" />
<entry key="ACTIVEMQ_DATA" value="${}/activemq/data" />
<entry key="ACTIVEMQ_TMP" value="${}/activemq/tmp" />
<entry key="ACTIVEMQ_DATA" value="${}activemq/data" />
<entry key="ACTIVEMQ_TMP" value="${}activemq/tmp" />
......@@ -241,14 +242,14 @@
<property name="home" value="${weblab.home}${solr.path}" />
<property name="binDirectory" value="${weblab.home}${solr.path}/bin" />
<property name="zookeeperEnsemble" value="${}" />
<property name="dataDirectory" value="${}/solr_node1" />
<property name="dataDirectory" value="${}solr_node1" />
<property name="host" value="${}" />
<!-- WARN this value is only set to check solr server is correctly running. Changing this value will not change port on which solr is listening -->
<!-- see -p options below -->
<property name="port" value="${solr1.http.port}" />
<property name="startOptions">
<entry key="-s" value="${}/solr_node1" />
<entry key="-s" value="${}solr_node1" />
<entry key="-p" value="${solr1.http.port}" />
<entry key="-a" value="${solr.a.opts}" />
<entry key="-m" value="${solr.m.opts}" />
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