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Update readme wrt latest added servers (solr-cloud and zookeeper)

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......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ This bundle presents an information retrieval system based on the complete WebLa
It is mainly composed of the following WebLab servers:
* apache-tomcat publishing web services
* liferay publishing portlets
* solr enabling indexing/search of documents
* solr-clould and zookeeper enabling distributed indexing/search of documents
* activemq providing JMS
* customised karaf framework providing camel, web application and weblab features
......@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ Getting Started
You should have a jdk 1.8 or greater installed in order to run the WebLab bundle,
JAVA_HOME must be declared and java must be available in your path
Ports 8080, 8005, 8009 (Liferay), 8181, 8105, 8109 (Tomcat), 8282 (Jetty in Karaf), 61616 (ActiveMQ), 8983 (Solr), 1099 (JMX for Karaf) must be available.
Ports 8080, 8005, 8009, 18080 (Liferay), 8181, 8105, 8109, 18181 (Tomcat), 1099, 8282, 8383 (Karaf), 1616, 8161, 61616 (ActiveMQ), 2181 (Zookeeper), 8983 (Solr) must be available.
Your computer should have at least a 4 core processor and 6Go of RAM to run the WebLab bundle.
Remember that WebLab is a server application and not a desktop one.
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