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#22 Asking for translation on a multi-page document can cause a bug

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......@@ -1058,8 +1058,10 @@ public class DocumentViewerController {
// update original resource
if ((!model.containsKey(Constants.IS_TRANSLATION) || !((Boolean) model.get(Constants.IS_TRANSLATION)).booleanValue())
&& (!model.containsKey(Constants.IS_SOURCE) || !((Boolean) model.get(Constants.IS_SOURCE)).booleanValue())) {
model.addAttribute(Constants.ORIGINAL_RESOURCE, model.get(Constants.RESOURCE));
//update ORIGINAL_RESOURCE only on load of the first page of document
if(pageNumber==1) {
model.addAttribute(Constants.ORIGINAL_RESOURCE, model.get(Constants.RESOURCE));
model.addAttribute(Constants.ORIGINAL_SEMANTIC_RESOURCE, new SemanticResource((Document) model.get(Constants.ORIGINAL_RESOURCE)));
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