Commit 11202c39 authored by Clément OUDOT's avatar Clément OUDOT

Update changelog for 1.4.7

git-svn-id: svn:// 1dbb9719-a921-0410-b57f-c3a383c2c641
parent 51c9bf71
lemonldap-ng (1.4.7) stable; urgency=low
* [LEMONLDAP-802] - Apache2::Connection remote_ip not supported in Apache 2.4
* [LEMONLDAP-842] - manager configuration tree does not display correctly
* [LEMONLDAP-866] - Configuration deletion does not work
* [LEMONLDAP-958] - Infinite redirection loop when redirected from Handler for an error (403/500/503)
* [LEMONLDAP-964] - Links to change
* [LEMONLDAP-968] - Headers corrupted when authenticating with HTTP basic authentication on a protected application
* [LEMONLDAP-976] - $ENV is replaced by $datas->{ENV}
* [LEMONLDAP-980] - Error "password must be changed" when user not found in AD
lemonldap-ng (1.4.6) stable; urgency=low
* [LEMONLDAP-705] - SAML with Signature Method rsa-sha256
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