Commit 137bb90c authored by Xavier Bachelot's avatar Xavier Bachelot
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Own all dirs in perl modules installation path

parent a7eeac99
...@@ -612,6 +612,8 @@ fi ...@@ -612,6 +612,8 @@ fi
%files -n perl-Lemonldap-NG-Common %files -n perl-Lemonldap-NG-Common
%{_mandir}/man3/Lemonldap::NG::Common*.3pm.* %{_mandir}/man3/Lemonldap::NG::Common*.3pm.*
%dir %{perl_vendorlib}/Lemonldap
%dir %{perl_vendorlib}/Lemonldap/NG
%{perl_vendorlib}/Lemonldap/NG/ %{perl_vendorlib}/Lemonldap/NG/
%{perl_vendorlib}/Lemonldap/NG/Common/ %{perl_vendorlib}/Lemonldap/NG/Common/
%{perl_vendorlib}/auto/Lemonldap/NG/Common/ %{perl_vendorlib}/auto/Lemonldap/NG/Common/
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