Commit 39cc6ea7 authored by Yadd's avatar Yadd
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Remove liblemonldap-ng-conf-perl transional package (introduced in Jessie)

parent 17a3b5e9
......@@ -179,17 +179,7 @@ Description: Lemonldap::NG handler common libraries
Lemonldap::NG::Handler provides Perl libraries used by web server handlers.
Package: liblemonldap-ng-conf-perl
Depends: ${misc:Depends},
Architecture: all
Section: oldlibs
Description: transitional dummy package
This is a transitional dummy package. It can safely be removed.
Package: liblemonldap-ng-common-perl
Replaces: liblemonldap-ng-conf-perl (<< 1.3.3~)
Breaks: liblemonldap-ng-conf-perl (<< 1.3.3~)
Architecture: all
Depends: ${misc:Depends},
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