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Update changelog

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lemonldap-ng (1.4.2) stable; urgency=low
* [LEMONLDAP-740] - TCP connections never closed on LDAP
* [LEMONLDAP-743] - Password reset doesn't work with Apache::Session::MySQL::NoLock
* [LEMONLDAP-745] - notifyDeleted ignored with the new bootstrap theme
* [LEMONLDAP-747] -
* [LEMONLDAP-750] - Exported variable name vs LDAP attr name
* [LEMONLDAP-751] - Login page on Bootstrap thème
* [LEMONLDAP-752] - Portal URL is treated as Bad URL
* [LEMONLDAP-753] - OpenID provider broken
* [LEMONLDAP-754] - Error when configuring captcha trough Manager
* [LEMONLDAP-758] - SAML metadata are not valid (NameIDFormat not in the rigth place)
* [LEMONLDAP-761] - SOAP cannot be used with DBI backend
* [LEMONLDAP-762] - Don't call data() on unavailable session
* [LEMONLDAP-746] - Doc: update id size for DBI sessions backend
* [LEMONLDAP-748] - Possibility to start with empty configuration masks errors loading conf backend
* [LEMONLDAP-749] - AuthBasic doesn't support HTTPS with self-signed certificate
* [LEMONLDAP-755] - check aliases when computing vhost rules on portal
* [LEMONLDAP-760] - Apache2.4-style syntax
lemonldap-ng (1.4.1) stable; urgency=low
* [LEMONLDAP-719] - AuthBasic handler doesn't check password when using AuthMulti (SSL;LDAP)
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