Commit 4b303b4f authored by Xavier Guimard's avatar Xavier Guimard

Update omegat-clean target to remove .bak files

git-svn-id: svn:// 1dbb9719-a921-0410-b57f-c3a383c2c641
parent c74e75de
......@@ -699,5 +699,5 @@ fr-doc: omegat-fr-configuration-file
omegat omegat.files/fr --mode=console-translate
rm -rf omegat.files/*/omegat.project po-doc/*/*
rm -rf omegat.files/*/omegat.project po-doc/*/* omegat.files/*/omegat/project_save*.bak
03/11/13 21:42
03/11/13 21:46
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