Commit 756f22f4 authored by Christophe Maudoux's avatar Christophe Maudoux 🐛

Update sfa_manager.png & licence

parent 96322a14
......@@ -92,11 +92,11 @@ License: CC0-1.0
Comment: Downloaded from
Files: lemonldap-ng-portal/site/htdocs/static/common/icons/sfa_manager.png
Copyright: The Open Source Initiative
License: CC-BY-2.5,
Copyright: Christopher T. Howlett
License: CC-BY-3.0,
Comment: This work, "sfa_manager.png", is a derivative of
"Open Source Initiative keyhole.svg" by The Open Source Initiative,
used under CC-BY-2.5. "sfa_manager" is licensed under CC-BY-2.5 by MAUDOUX Christophe.
"Noun project 1162.svg" by Christopher T. Howlett,
used under CC-BY-3.0. "sfa_manager.png" is licensed under CC-BY-3.0 by MAUDOUX Christophe.
Files: lemonldap-ng-portal/site/htdocs/static/common/backgrounds/*
Copyright: Various artists
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