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Add other doc improvements from trunk (#LEMONLDAP-964)

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......@@ -74,4 +74,15 @@ system('find . -name \*.html -exec sed -i "s#/media/logos/[^\.]*\.\(png\|jpg\|gi
# Remove Facebook iframe (See
system('sed -i "/<iframe/d" pages/contact.html');
# Remove background image
system('sed -i "s#/lib/tpl/bootstrap3/images/background.jpg##g" css/*');
# Download missing images
system('mkdir -p lib/bootstrap3/images && cd lib/bootstrap3/images && wget -l 1 -nd -r && rm -f index* && cd -');
# Link duplicates files
system(q@find . -type f -printf "%s %p\n"|sort -n|perl -a -ne 'if($F[0]==$lf&&`md5sum $F[1]|cut -f1 -d" "` eq `md5sum $ln|cut -f1 -d" "`){print "ln -srf $ln $F[1]\n"}else{$lf=$F[0];$ln=$F[1]}'|sh@);
system("find lib/bootstrap3/images -name '*.1' -delete");
exit 0;
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