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MANIFEST This list of files
# angular-lemonldap-ng-manager
This is just a POC to build an angular based manager for
See [LemonLDAP::NG website](
## Install
git clone
cd angular-lemonldap-ng-manager
npm install
## Start servers
npm run perlserver
npm start
## MVC
* The view is managed by :
* `index.html` for HTML building
* _some other html files for forms ?_
* `struct.json` who gives the tree position for each configuration element and
requests to do
* translate.json (which will be delivered by a CGI to choose current language)
* The controller is splitted in 2 pieces :
* client side in `js/manager.js`, based on ANgularJS, it provides the link
between the DOM and the CGI. It manages:
* downloads of JSON datas
* translations
* form display depending on data types
* server side, based on PSGI, it provides the link between network and
configuration. It will be able to respond to 3 types of _rest_ queries:
* key values
* hash keys for this type of nodes
* hash content
* The model (datas) is:
* the current configuration
* the modified datas _(client side only or both to be able to notify changes
to other administrators ?)_
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