Commit 3641f56f authored by Christophe Maudoux's avatar Christophe Maudoux 🐛

Update langs

parent b014dae7
......@@ -235,7 +235,7 @@
"exportedAttr":"SOAP/REST exported attributes",
"exportedHeaders":"Exported headers",
"exportedVars":"Exported Variables",
"external2f":"External 2nd factor",
"external2f":"External second factor",
"ext2fAuthnLevel":"Authentication level",
......@@ -235,7 +235,7 @@
"exportedAttr":"Attributs exportés par le portail (SOAP/REST)",
"exportedHeaders":"En-têtes exportés",
"exportedVars":"Attributs à exporter",
"external2f":"2nd facteur externe",
"external2f":"Second facteur externe",
"ext2fAuthnLevel":"Niveau de l'authentification",
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