Commit 43300e20 authored by Clément OUDOT's avatar Clément OUDOT

Update changelog for 1.9.7

parent b8997aa4
lemonldap-ng (2.0.0) stable; urgency=low
lemonldap-ng (1.9.7) stable; urgency=high
* [LEMONLDAP-1097] - invalid base64 encoding on openidconnect key2jwks
* [LEMONLDAP-1099] - FCGI: reload method return Internal Server Error
* [LEMONLDAP-1101] - SAML IDP-initiated : Federation not found on login
* [LEMONLDAP-1102] - Random access denied
* [LEMONLDAP-1105] - Broken openidconect oidcRPMetaDataOptionsExtraClaims parsing (or saving) when using sql datastore
* [LEMONLDAP-1107] - Use of uninitialized value in pattern line 1561
* [LEMONLDAP-1109] - Notification DBI backend has compilation error
* [LEMONLDAP-1117] - Corrupted persistent session when value has accentued characters and storage is LDAP
* [LEMONLDAP-1096] - Use manager libraries for doc with "external" hook
* [LEMONLDAP-1098] - Allow access tokens to be gathered as parameters too
* [LEMONLDAP-1100] - Create custom lltype for custom handler
* [LEMONLDAP-1104] - Allow the parameters for the reload url to contain basic credentials
* [LEMONLDAP-1106] - returnJSONError on should return a 400 status not a 200
* [LEMONLDAP-1108] - caFile/caPathc options should be available for LDAPS, not only for LDAP+TLS
* [LEMONLDAP-1110] - Provide autopkgtest tests
* [LEMONLDAP-1114] - Missing DirectoryIndex in offline documentation
* [LEMONLDAP-1116] - Change how we check signatures on SAML messages
* [LEMONLDAP-173] - Token for cross domain authentication
* [LEMONLDAP-1115] - Documentation error
lemonldap-ng (1.9.6) stable; urgency=high
* [LEMONLDAP-1058] - Timeout on save conf
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