Commit 7ae9f733 authored by Clément Oudot's avatar Clément Oudot

Update changelog for 1.4.11

git-svn-id: svn:// 1dbb9719-a921-0410-b57f-c3a383c2c641
parent 3682a478
lemonldap-ng (1.4.11) stable; urgency=low
* [LEMONLDAP-1068] - Error in logout request
* [LEMONLDAP-1080] - Typo is URL matching for Auth OpenID
* [LEMONLDAP-1092] - Net::LDAP does not have an uri method in el5
* [LEMONLDAP-1001] - Possibility to configure the update interval used for timeout activity
* [LEMONLDAP-1052] - Use Lasso 'thin-sessions'
* [LEMONLDAP-1083] - Create an option to not store SAML/OIDC tokens in session
* [LEMONLDAP-1084] - Disable SAML SLO request when LL::NG configured as SP and IDP does not support SLO
lemonldap-ng (1.4.10) stable; urgency=low
* [LEMONLDAP-985] - authForce is not well called trough AuthMulti
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