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Add some doc for Team scripts

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LLNG team scripts
## Release tools
* ``: generates the content of `<VERSION>/parameterlist`
* `changelibversion`: changes $VERSION in all `.pm` files and also in `*/Makefile.PL` _(after major release)_
* ``: generates `changelog` entry from [GitLab issues](
## Tools used by Makefile
* ``: launched by `make documentation` to create local doc
* ``: launched by `make json` to build Manager JSON files and some Perl scripts
* `transform-templates`: transform `*.tpl` to choose normal/minified/external CSS/JavaScripts
## Other tools
* ``: test a new configuration backend
* ``: little script to test Portal/Handler performance
* ``: TOTP app to replace FreeOTP for TOTP tests
## Old unmaintained scripts
* ``: old script used to replace CHANGELOG POD entry
* ``: may find some undocumented parameters
* `minifierskin`
* ``
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