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AS server


LL::NG can be used as a CAS server. It can allow one to federate LL::NG with:

LL::NG is compatible with the CAS protocol versions 1.0, 2.0 and part of 3.0 (attributes exchange).


Enabling CAS

In the Manager, go in General Parameters » Issuer modules » CAS and configure:

Configuring the CAS Service

Then go in CAS Service to define:

If CAS login is not set, it uses General Parameters » Logs » REMOTE_USER data, which is set to uid by default

Configuring CAS Applications

If an access control policy other than none is specified, applications that want to authenticate users through the CAS protocol have to be declared before LemonLDAP::NG accepts to issue service tickets for them.

Go to CAS Applications and then Add CAS Application. Give a technical name (no spaces, no special characters), like “app-example”.

You can then access the configuration of this application.


If the access control policy is set to none, this rule will be ignored

Exported Attributes

You may add a list of attributes that will be transmitted in the validate response. Keys are the name of attribute in the CAS response, values are the name of session key.

The attributes defined here will completely replace any attributes you may have declared in the global CAS Service configuration. In order to re-use the global configuration, simply set this section to an empty list.