Commit c67e7100 authored by Michael Hamann's avatar Michael Hamann
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XCOMMONS-901: Support both XHTML 1.0 and XHTML 5 in HtmlCleaner

* Fix test to consider no-longer deprecated elements.
parent 3dfab5bf
......@@ -67,6 +67,29 @@ void setUpCleaner()
* In HTML5, some elements that were deprecated/removed in XHTML 1.0 are not deprecated anymore. This overrides
* the test to ensure they are not removed.
void conversionsFromHTML()
assertHTML("<p>this <b>is</b> highlighted but not important</p>",
"this <b>is</b> highlighted but not important");
assertHTML("<p><i>alternate voice</i></p>", "<i>alternate voice</i>");
assertHTML("<del>strike</del>", "<strike>strike</strike>");
assertHTML("<p><s>no longer relevant</s></p>", "<s>no longer relevant</s>");
assertHTML("<p><u>misspell</u></p>", "<u>misspell</u>");
assertHTML("<p style=\"text-align:center\">center</p>", "<center>center</center>");
assertHTML("<p><span style=\"color:red;font-family:Arial;font-size:1.0em;\">This is some text!</span></p>",
"<font face=\"Arial\" size=\"3\" color=\"red\">This is some text!</font>");
assertHTML("<p><span style=\"font-size:1.6em;\">This is some text!</span></p>",
"<font size=\"+3\">This is some text!</font>");
assertHTML("<table><tbody><tr><td style=\"text-align:right;background-color:red;vertical-align:top\">"
+ "x</td></tr></tbody></table>", "<table><tr><td align=right valign=top bgcolor=red>x</td></tr></table>");
* This tests various invalid list usages. With HTML5, the lists are cleaned by HTMLCleaner sometimes and thus the
* list-style-type is not set to none as in the custom filter in XWiki. Further, HTML comments are not moved
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