Commit 10d07ae1 authored by Vincent Massol's avatar Vincent Massol
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[Misc] Moved deprecated TransformationManager#performTransformations(XDOM, Syntax) to legacy

* Fixed javadoc
parent 2c8aff3b
......@@ -34,7 +34,8 @@
* @param dom the XDOM on which apply transformations
* @param syntax the syntax of the source from where this XDOM as been generated
* @throws TransformationException error when applying transformations
* @deprecated since 2.4M1 use {@link #performTransformations(Block, TransformationContext)} instead
* @deprecated since 2.4M1 use {@link TransformationManager#performTransformations(Block, TransformationContext)}
* instead
void performTransformations(XDOM dom, Syntax syntax) throws TransformationException;
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