Commit 157bd2b5 authored by Thomas Mortagne's avatar Thomas Mortagne
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XRENDERING-621: Make rendering errors translatables and extendables

* fix test
parent 8a6b78be
......@@ -276,7 +276,7 @@ public void transformNotExistingMacro() throws Exception
String expected = "beginDocument\n"
+ "beginMacroMarkerStandalone [notexisting] []\n"
+ "beginGroup [[class]=[xwikirenderingerror]]\n"
+ "onWord [Unknown macro: notexisting.]\n"
+ "onWord [Unknown macro: notexisting. Click on this message for details.]\n"
+ "endGroup [[class]=[xwikirenderingerror]]\n"
+ "beginGroup [[class]=[xwikirenderingerrordescription hidden]]\n"
+ "onVerbatim [The [notexisting] macro is not in the list of registered macros. "
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