Commit 2b64be61 authored by Vincent Massol's avatar Vincent Massol
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[Misc] Add all xwiki system properties as custom data in GE + tag some of them

* Fix NPE
parent 3cd81996
......@@ -38,21 +38,19 @@ buildScan.executeOnce('tag-profiles') { BuildScanApi buildScanApi -> { it.key.startsWith('xwiki') }.each { buildScanApi.value(it.key, it.value) }
// Add specific tags to make it easy to recognize with wich environment a docker functional tests has been executed
def servletContainer ='xwiki.test.ui.servletEngine'.toLowerCase()
def servletContainerTag ='xwiki.test.ui.servletEngineTag'.toLowerCase()
def servletContainer ='xwiki.test.ui.servletEngine'
def servletContainerTag ='xwiki.test.ui.servletEngineTag'
if (servletContainer && servletContainerTag) {
buildScanApi.tag("${servletContainer} ${servletContainerTag}")
buildScanApi.tag("${servletContainer.toLowerCase()} ${servletContainerTag.toLowerCase()}")
def database ='xwiki.test.ui.database'.toLowerCase()
def databaseTag ='xwiki.test.ui.databaseTag'.toLowerCase()
def database ='xwiki.test.ui.database'
def databaseTag ='xwiki.test.ui.databaseTag'
if (database && databaseTag) {
buildScanApi.tag("${database} ${databaseTag}")
buildScanApi.tag("${database.toLowerCase()} ${databaseTag.toLowerCase()}")
def browser ='xwiki.test.ui.browser'.toLowerCase()
def browser ='xwiki.test.ui.browser'
if (browser) {
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