Commit 8cb28415 authored by Thomas Mortagne's avatar Thomas Mortagne
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XRENDERING-621: Make rendering errors translatables and extendables

* fix mistake
parent 8a6e913d
......@@ -109,8 +109,7 @@ protected List<Block> generateErrorBlocks(boolean inline, LogEvent message, LogE
errorBlocks.add(new FormatBlock(descriptionChildren, Format.NONE, errorDescriptionBlockParams));
} else {
.add(new GroupBlock(Arrays.asList(new WordBlock(message.getFormattedMessage())), errorBlockParams));
errorBlocks.add(new GroupBlock(Arrays.asList(new WordBlock(messageBuilder.toString())), errorBlockParams));
if (!descriptionChildren.isEmpty()) {
errorBlocks.add(new GroupBlock(descriptionChildren, errorDescriptionBlockParams));
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