Commit c28ff532 authored by Vincent Massol's avatar Vincent Massol
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[Misc] Fix typo

parent 612437f2
......@@ -389,7 +389,7 @@ public void onVerbatim(String content, boolean inline, Map<String, String> param
if (inline) {
// Note: We generate a tt element rather than a pre element since pre elements cannot be located inside
// paragraphs for example. There also no tag in XHTML that has a semantic of preserving inline content so
// tt is the closed to pre for inline.
// tt is the closest to pre for inline.
// The class is what is expected by wikimodel to understand the tt as meaning a verbatim and not a Monospace
// element.
getXHTMLWikiPrinter().printXMLStartElement("tt", new String[][] { { "class", "wikimodel-verbatim" } });
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